The Fifth Liner’s (TFL) focus is on living, investing, networking, earning and retiring well. The founder and employees of TFL are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable, capable and passionate about lifestyle services the company offers. TFL caters for executive groups within corporate and government organizations, individual professionals, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals who desire luxurious and wholesome living.

We desire to develop a unique brand that will create prestige and wholesome balance within the lifestyle industry in Nigeria and globally. Our targeted members demand the finest quality lifestyle accompanied by a superior level of service. TFL will meet these demands by providing multiple lifestyle products and services for its members.

Our Vision

Redefining the essence of living…


Mission Statement

Our mission at The Fifth liner is to positively impact on the fortunes of our members by expanding their opportunities to Live Well, Invest Well, Network Well, Earn Well and Retire Well.

Our Objectives

  • Promoting wholesome living through various lifestyle events, workshops and seminars all year round

  • Creating an environment where like-minded individuals can connect, network and build solid business and personal relationships.

  • Developing TFL as a prestigious and unique brand with the lifestyle industry in Nigeria.

  • Building and maintaining strategic partnerships and alliances with service providers both at the national and international level that will support TFL’s superior services

  •  Providing the highest level of satisfaction for members